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Neighbourhood planning gives communities the opportunity to direct the development of their areas through creating plans and policies. Local authorities have the responsibility to support communities who wish to engagement in the neighbourhood planning process and have the responsibility to use the policies and orders produced.
We have a number of guides, tools, templates and case studies to help local authorities to support neighbourhood planning.

Key info

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Neighbourhood Planning Legal Compliance checklist

To help Local Planning Authorities to support neighbourhood plan production PAS has produced a draft compliance checklist against the relevant legislation for local authority actions.

Housing Needs Assessments for Neighbourhood Plans

This advice note is aimed at helping local authority planners ensure that housing needs assessments in their area follow a consistent methodology. It also discusses the ways in which the local authority can assist the neighbourhood planning qualifying bodies with housing needs assessments to save the authority both time and money.

Examination of Neighbourhood Development Plans

This briefing note sets out the local planning authority's role in the independent examination of neighbourhood development plans.

Neighbourhood Area and Forum Designations

Local Planning Authorities have a statutory duty to advise or assist communities in the preparation of Neighbourhood Development Plans. This briefing note provides information to local planning authorities on current practice.

Help for those preparing Neighbourhood Plans

This briefing note seeks to set out how local planning authorities can exercise their role in providing advice or assistance to those communities that are preparing Neighbourhood Plans.

Referendum of Neighbourhood Development Plans

This briefing note seeks to set out the local planning authority's role in the process for holding a referendum on whether a neighbourhood plan, neighbourhood development order or community right to build order should come into force.

Local authority/neighbourhood agreements

Some local authorities and communities working together on neighbourhood planning are entering into agreements to set out how they will work together and the support available.

Neighbourhood Plan Project Management Tool

We have produced a free to access project management tool to aid local authorities and communities working together to produce neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood planning and SA/SEA

Neighbourhood Development Plans are not required to have a Sustainability Appraisal undertaken on them. It appears that this has not been fully understood by many involved in the neighbourhood planning process.

Neighbourhood plans - Advice on evidence

This resource focuses on the support that LPAs might give to community groups on the collection of evidence to support their planning policies.

The Department for Communities and Local Government answer the frequently asked questions from our event series on neighbourhood planning.

Neighbourhood Planning FAQs

To help with this work we have reviewed, updated and consolidated our existing list of Neighbourhood Planning FAQs and added some more.

This guide is to help ward councillors understand the basics of neighbourhood planning and to help them think about what this means for the community and their role.

Neighbourhood planning: a simple guide for councillors

This guide is to help ward councillors understand the basics of neighbourhood planning and to help them think about what this means for the community and their role.

Top tips on Neighbourhood Planning: Post Adoption of Neighbourhood Plans

Here is some advice on how to continue working with communities and using neighbourhood plans post adoption.

Top tips on Neighbourhood Planning: Understanding the Basic Conditions

Here is some advice on how to help communities understand the basic conditions for neighbourhood plans and work with them in producing their plans.

Case Studies

Involving firms in neighbourhood planning

We have updated our case study on how some neighbourhood planning forums and town councils are striving to make sure that businesses are fully involved in the planning.

Neighbourhood Planning issues

Over 40 Neighbourhood Plans have been through the examination and referendum process. Here you can read some case studies; these provide valuable lessons for the development and submission of future plans.

Neighbourhood Planning Surge: A Case Study

In this case study, local planning authorities across the country give their best tips and tricks for handling loads of neighbourhood plans to help give you some insight on how to organise your own strategy.

Events & Support

Councillor briefing on Neighbourhood Planning

This briefing, published in July 2014, is now available. Please make your councillor aware. See our Councillor Briefings page for more details. We can also deliver a local session on this. 

Planning Aid England's NP resources

PAS works with local authorities. If you are a community group looking for some NP materials and support, see Planning Aid England's resources.


Locality is the national network of ambitious and enterprising community-led organisations, working together to help neighbourhoods thrive. If you're a parish/neighbourhood forum group then contact them for assistance.

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