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If you're a councillor new or old we have lots of support for you in our councillor hub. Read about 'on the doorstep' issues (on topics such as Green Belt, Money and Rural Housing), briefings tailored for councillors and other support. Download them all for free.

Getting your plan in place

Suburban house

We want to help councils get an up-to-date local plan in place as soon as possible, so that places have a framework for making local decisions. We can work with officers and councillors on technical aspects, or 'softer' issues, as appropriate.

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The way we work is changing, but we'll still be offering events, training & support across England. Come back to our Events & Support page shortly to find out more.

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Our website is structured with a series of hub pages, with all info relevant to that topic within. Hover over the menu headings to view these pages or click the quick links below. Learn about PAS' offering here.

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We have a monthly Bulletin, which brings you news of our latest support, case studies, events and muses.

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